Foto de Luis Mantilla de los Ríos arquitecto

Luis Mantilla de los Ríos Sánchez
Architect by the University of Granada in 2012 and BIM expert

Foto de Laila Guerrero Arquitecta especialista en Arquitectura sostenible

Laila Guerrero García
Architect by the University of Granada in 2012 and PEB Advisor (Building Energy Performance) by the IBGE of Brussels in 2014

José María Martínez-Oña Marcos
Architect by the University of Granada in 2011, Construction Engineer by the University of San Antonio of Murcia in 2019 and interior design expert


We are three architects, one from Malaga, one from Cordoba and another from Almeria, who met at Granada University Architecture School.
After finishing the degree, all of us decided to emigrate to other parts of the world in order to achieve a professional experience ass architects. By chance of life, or perhaps destiny, in 2015 we met again in Almeria and we decided to start a joint project under the name LIMA Architects (acronym of “Less is More Architecture”, which was the motto of the Modern Movement).

We are focusing on Sustainable architecture and energy efficiency along with the use of BIM modeling with clouds point.
Although, we have extensive experience, both nationally and internationally, in carrying out all kinds of projects:
housing blocks, renovations and restoration projects, single-family houses, energy improvement works, tertiary buildings, buildings permits, interior design, etc.


Calle Terriza, 41, bajo A, 04004 Almería